Who Are We

The Moore Property Firm is a small family owned business that is founded on one simple premise of high quality land, at affordable pricing. We provide an opportunity for everyone to own a part of what makes our country so great – Ownership of private property!

Our Passion

As a good steward of the environment, The Moore Property Firm actively promotes being eco-friendly. So we do not allow any dumping of environmentally hazardous waste or trash on our properties. Green is away of life, treasure everything, think prematurely, live sustainably. We are committed to a sustainable future. So we also have committed to reduce the amount of paper that we use, and to save trees. We do this by utilizing  electronic filing and our customers can opt to go paperless. It also optimizes the efficiency in which we do business. We appreciate that our customers love the outdoors and have a close relationship with the environment in which they live in.

Why Buy Land From Us?

The reason we started this business is because we love land! We love scouring for the best possible parcels at the best possible prices. We also love land ownership, and helping people find their own unique piece of the earth so that they can have the freedom of building their dream home on, or for camping, hunting, 4-wheeling, off grid living or whatever else you might want to do with your own personal piece of America. Above all, we want the land to be a great investment for you and your family for generations to come.

So if you are looking for a safe place to invest your money and don’t want to pay realtor fees and commissions? Contact us today and deal directly with The Moore Property Firm.

Contact Us – We Would Love To Hear From You!

The Moore Property Firm LLC
Tyler & Megan Moore
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